Google Korea Veteran Hiring- 보훈대상자 Intern 특별채용

2012-05-29 611

< Google Korea Veteran Hiring- 보훈대상자 Intern 특별채용 >

* Job Description

1. Title: Client Services Coordinator Intern, SMB Sales – Seoul
2. Responsibilities:
– Set up the process for official phone support for direct advertisers / agencies
– Core operation to run direct clients’/agencies’ AdWords/Display/YouTube sales
– Basic administrative and coordination work to support the team
– Internal follow-up with invoice related work under Account Manager’s guidance
– Vertical proposal template, display ad package and maintain direct client’s/ agencies’ request & trouble shooting
– To complete the contract process, compile data, develop report
– To identify & resolve campaign issues initially
3. Minimum qualifications:
– BA/BS degree (In lieu of degree, relevant skills or equivalent experience).
– Fluency in English.
4. Preferred qualifications:
– Demonstrable experience in customer support (ie.Outbound service), account management (direct and/or offline), Sales (product direct and/or offline), marketing project management.
– Excellent analytical and research skills.
– Ability to effectively influence and communicate cross-functionally with all levels of management within Google and external partners. Excellent communication and presentation skills.
 * 근무기간: 6개월(2012년 6월 초~중순 근무 시작)

* 대 상: 국가유공자 자녀 (지원 전 보훈청에서 대상여부 확인 필수)   

* 담 당 자Recruiting Coordinator   김지현

* 지원방법: 으로 이메일 지원

* 지원마감일: 2012년 6월 3일(일)

***** 서류전형 합격자에 한하여 개별연락 드립니다.