POSCO International Center

  • POSCO 국제관
  • POSCO 국제관

A convention center that hosts international academic events that contribute to the globalization of the campus.

User Guide

POSCO International Center opened in August 2007 to effectively contribute to the globalization of the campus, such as hosting international conferences. In addition to a 300-seat international conference hall with 5 language simultaneous interpretation facilities, this convention center is fully equipped with various sized meeting rooms, lodging and dining facilities.

POSCO International Center, a building with 5 stories aboveground and 2 underground levels, has a convention center (International Conference Hall, large-size meeting rooms, medium-size meeting rooms, small-size meeting rooms), 60 guest rooms, a Western restaurant (buffet restaurant), a Chinese restaurant and 200-seat indoor and 300-seat outdoor terraces.

International Convention Center Facility Features

International Convention Center Facility Features
Facilities Scale Main Amenities and Features
International Conference Hall 280 seats Remote video conference and simultaneous interpretation system, sound/video/lighting equipment, E-lecture system
Large-size meeting room 98 seats Remote video conference and simultaneous interpretation system, sound/video equipment, E-lecture system
Medium-size meeting room 4 rooms, 30 seats each Sound system, E-lecture system
Small-size meeting room 5 rooms DVD sound system, projector, screen
The Blue Hill Restaurant Hall 60 seats
Private Room (6,8,10 seats/6,10 seats variable)
Premium Lunch: 11:30~13:30 / Special Menu and courses available
Contact: +82-54-279-2660
Grand Ballroom 200 seats Contact : +82-54-279-8520
Multi-Purpose Hall (5F) 80 seats, 7 private rooms Banquets, meals, and meetings available
Contact : +82-54-279-8520
  • Main conference rooms can be extended to a 60-seat room by combining two 30-seat rooms and a small-size meeting room can be modified to have 25 seats including chairs (11) in the meeting room and additional chairs (14) for attendees.
  • Reservation & Contact Information
    • Address: POSCO International Center, 77, Cheongam-Ro, Nam-Gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea (Postal Code: 37673)
    • Tel: +82 (054)-279-8500
    • Fax: +82 (054)-279-8519
    • E-mail : poscoic@hanmail.net
Last Modified : 2023-09-07