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There are 4 buildings with 300 units in total; one of the buildings is for unmarried students (Bldg #1; 75 households) and the other three are for married students (Bldg# 2 – Bldg #4; 75 households for each). Each unit covers 49.5㎡ that includes a bedroom, a living room, a balcony, and a bathroom.

  • Bldg# 1 (for unmarried students): furnished with a sink, a built-in washer, a gas stove, two beds, two matrices, a wardrobe, a bookshelf, a table, two chairs.
  • Bldg #2 – Bldg #4 (for married students): partially furnished with a sink, a built-in washer and a gas stove.

FAQ on Moving into and Living in the Graduate Student Apartment

  • Eligibility

    • Bldg #1 (2 persons per unit): Enrolled graduate students who are unmarried and exchange students.
    • Bldg #2 – Bldg #4: Enrolled graduate students who are married or students who are approved by the university.

  • Application for Housing and Unit Assignment

    • Bldg #1 (for unmarried students): Double occupancy is mandatory and available units will be assigned in the order of submission.
      → 6-month minimum occupancy is required. Students may visit Housing Services to apply for housing.
    • Bldg #2 – Bldg #4 (for married students): Available units will be assigned in the order of submission.→ Students whose family members have disabilities or any other difficulties will be the exceptions.
    • The applicant must submit a document that proves his/her marriage.

  • Tenancy Period

    Tenancy Period
    Category Master’s Program Doctoral Program MS/PhD Integrated Program
    Maximum Tenancy Period 4 semesters 8 semesters 10 semesters
    ※ vIf a resident whose tenancy period has expired has reapplied for housing:
    • Unmarried students (2 persons for a household): pay double the rent amount of a regular tenancy period
    • Married students: pay 1.5 times the rent amount of a regular tenancy period
  • Residents Duty

    • Residents are not allowed to change their units without permission.
    • University regulations will be a general standard for all rules established by POSTECH and residents.
      Activities that harm other residents, such as gambling, making loud noise, conducting private tutoring, having a pet, and selling items will be prohibited. Depending on the seriousness of the violation, residents may be ordered to move-out immediately.
    • For the assigned room, residents will be strictly prohibited from a room handover, subletting to strangers, or living with non-POSTECH members.
    • For each room, there will be a routine inspection for pest control and fire safety. If the resident is not present at the time of inspection, then the inspection technicians may enter the room with a master key.
    • Daily residential waste may be disposed of by using a standardized waste plastic bag. Food waste may be disposed of by using a transportation card (T Money) to the installed waste disposal machine.
    • Residents are prohibited from destroying the interior and exterior of the university facilities. For any facility damages caused by individuals, the respective person will be charged for facility restoration.
    • All installed and other miscellaneous facilities (including locking devices) cannot be destroyed, moved, and changed without permission.
  • Deposit and Rental Fee (as of 2016 Fall Semester)

    • Deposit: KRW 200,000 (For married students only and will be refunded after facility inspection finds no
      room damages upon termination of occupancy.)

      • Payment Account: Woori Bank, 1005-101-136460 (Account holder: POSTECH)
      • Refund: Your current bank account registered in POSTECH system
    • Rental fee
      Rental fee
      Bldg #1 (for unmarried students) KRW 200,000/person/month plus utilities
      Bldg #2-#4 (for married students) KRW 250,000/person/month plus utilities
      Other building residents please refer to the table as shown below.
    • Charged Fee / Payment Option
      • Deduction from Salary: automatically deducted (on the 25th of each month) from TA/RA salaries (“scholarship”)
      • Direct Payment: The bill will be sent by mail (mailbox) or email
        ※ Payment Account: Woori Bank, 1005-101-136460 (Account holder: POSTECH)
  • Application and Issuance of Access Card

    Residents can enter to the Graduate Student Apartment with a smart card (student ID card) 24/7. The card is issued by the General Affairs and Safety (279-2450) at the resident’s cost.

  • Family Access Card Registration Procedure

    • Visit the Housing Services office with documents to prove family relationship
    • Fill out the application form
    • Visit the General Affairs and Safety office and submit the application
    • Issue Family Access Card
  • Move-out

    Residents who have lost eligibility for housing due to violating university regulations, leave of absence, quitting school, or graduating must visit the Housing Services office and take the move-out procedures immediately.

  • Contact Information

    • Intercampus Telephone: 188 without an area code or 279-0188
    • Cellphone/General telephone: 054-279-0188
    • Email:

Department : Housing Services
Last Modified : 2023-01-26