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Graduate Student Apartments Guides

The graduate dormitory consists of a total of 4 buildings with 300 units, each building comprising 75 units. Buildings 1 and 2 are designated for unmarried graduate students, Building 3 accommodates both unmarried and married graduate students, while Building 4 is exclusively for married graduate students. Each unit has a basic structure of one bedroom, a living room, a veranda, and a bathroom, with a size of 49.5㎡ (15 pyeong).

Please note that Building 1 has double rooms, while Buildings 2 to 4 operate with single rooms.

FAQ on Moving into and Living in the Graduate Student Apartment

  • Eligibility for Occupancy

    • Building 1 (Double Rooms): Unmarried enrolled graduate students of this university.
    • Building 2 (Single Rooms): Priority given to unmarried enrolled graduate students of this university.
    • Building 3 (Single Rooms): Priority given to enrolled graduate students (both unmarried and married) of this university.
    • Building 4 (Single Rooms): Enrolled married graduate students and university-approved occupants.
  • Application and Allocation Process

    • Building 1 (Double Rooms): Allocation based on the order of application.
    • Building 2 (Single Rooms): Application and allocation on a semester basis.
    • Building 3 (Single Rooms): Application and allocation on a semester basis.
    • Building 4 (Single Rooms): Allocation based on the order of application.
  • Duration of Use

    Program Master’s Doctoral MS/PhD Integrated
    Maximum Usage Period 6 semesters 12 semesters 14 semesters
    • A semester refers to the registered semester of the student; leave of absence is not included.
    • Additional occupancy may be approved by the Residence Director.
    • For Buildings 2 and 3, residents are allowed to stay for a maximum of 3 years (2 years initially with an option to extend for an additional 1 year) after occupancy.
  • Occupancy Regulations

    • Residents cannot change their assigned room arbitrarily.
    • University regulations and, for enrolled students, the Student Code of Conduct apply upon occupancy.
    • Transferring or allowing external individuals to reside in the assigned room is strictly prohibited.
    • Regular inspections, including hygiene and fire safety, are conducted. In the absence of residents, inspections may be carried out using the master key.
    • Household waste must be disposed of using designated bags, and food waste must be deposited using the provided ‘measurement equipment’ with a T-money card.
  • Deposit and Usage Fees

    • Deposit:
      • Refundable upon satisfactory facility inspection upon departure.
      • Payment Account: Woori Bank, 1005-101-136460 (Payee: POSTECH)
      • Refund to individual accounts registered with the university.
    • Deposit Status:
      • Building 1: KRW 250,000 per person
      • Building 2 to 3: KRW 900,000 per person
      • Building 4: KRW 450,000 (students), KRW 650,000 (non-student university-approved occupants)
    • Usage Fee:
      • Building 1: KRW 186,000 per person per month, utility fees billed separately
      • Building 2 to 3: KRW 467,000 per person per month, utility fees billed separately
      • Building 4: KRW 259,000 per person per month (students), KRW 389,000 per person per month (non-student university-approved occupants)

        ※ Usage fees are subject to change according to university housing policies.

    • Payment of Usage Fees:
      • Deducted from the scholarship grant on the 25th of each month or paid individually via bank transfer (Woori Bank, 1005-401-131011, POSTECH).
  • Issuance of Access Cards

    • [Access Card Issuance Procedure]
      • New/Replacement/Damaged card issuance: Apply through the Online ID Card Management System ( → Receive the student ID from Woori Bank → Visit the General Affairs Team (1st floor, Main Administration Building) → Grant access authorization.※ In case of loss, a fee of KRW 5,000 is charged.
    • [Family Access Card Application Procedure]
      • Access the Online ID Card Management System ( → Register → Apply for the access card → Provide family student number/employee number, family name, family relationship, resident’s address (building, unit) → Select the reason for issuance → Click Apply.
    • [Other Access Card-related Tips]
      • In case of immediate access needs due to loss/damage of the smart card or access card: During office hours – Call the General Affairs Team at 054-279-9145 → Identity verification → Access permission.After office hours, on weekends, or holidays – Call the Comprehensive Situation Room at 054-279-2222 → Identity verification → Access permission.
  • Move-out

    Immediate move-out if there is a violation of university regulations or the Student Code of Conduct, or if eligibility is lost due to leave of absence, withdrawal, graduation, etc.

  • Integrated Housing Inquiries

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