User Guide and Membership Registration

The gymnasium on campus is run by an annual membership system. Students, faculty and staff members at POSTECH automatically earn membership. Their immediate families, executives and employees of POSCO, POSCO Education Foundation, RIST and POSCO investment corporates and their immediate families obtain membership through a sign-up procedure. Children under elementary school age are not allowed to access the gymnasium for safety reasons; albeit being a family member, he/she would not get a membership card.

Qualified applicants should visit the gym office with copies of photos of his/herself and each family member (3x4cm), an identification card and a medical insurance card. After filling out an application form and paying a membership fee, they may have immediate access to the gym. The issuance of an official membership card takes 1 business day and a temporary access card can be used for the period. The annual membership lasts for a year from the date of registration and if it is terminated in the middle of the year, then the membership fee will not be refunded.

Membership Fee (For a new and renewing member)

Membership Fee (For a new and renewing member)
Category Annual Fee (KRW) Remarks
University Student family 60,000 KRW per person for a year 5,000 KRW for issuing a new membership card
Faculty and employee family 120, 000 KRW per person for a year
Non-University POSCO 300,000 KRW per person for a year
POSCO-affiliated companies
Public areas within Jigok Complex

Hours of Operation (as of September 16, 2013)

Hours of Operation (as of September 16, 2013)
Category Hours Events
Gym Main stadium Members: 06:00-24:00 Basketball, badminton, volleyball, table tennis, racquet ball, jogging
(fitness room is for students only)
(Outside rental: 09:00 to 17:00)
Outdoor tennis court Daylight hours to Midnight Outdoor tennis
Swimming pool Weekdays: 06:00 to 22:00
Saturday: 06:00 to 18:00
Sunday, Public holidays: 08:00 to 18:00
Fitness, swimming, golf
(Subject to change)
Main schoolyard
(artificial turf playground)
Daylight hours to 22:00 Football, basketball, volleyball, etc.
Futsal courts Daylight hours to Midnight Futsal

* How to make a reservation for a sports facility

  • Sports Facilities can be reserved in advance via POVIS Housing & Service Management.
    Only applicants from outside or applicants reserving a facility for the same day can reserve at the gym (☏279-3881) or with the General Affairs and Safety Team (☏279-8777).

Sports Facilities

Indoor Gym Facilities

Established in December 1986, the gym is a 3 story, multi-purpose building, contributing to the improvement of health of students and university employees at POSTECH and the development of a creative university culture by holding a wide variety of sports and cultural events. In addition, it offers benefit to the local community by sharing a part of its facilities with POSCO and related affiliates, POSCO Educational Foundation, RIST and the residents of nearby areas.

Indoor Gym Facilities
Floor Facility Area Remarks Departure Facility Area Remarks
1st floor Basketball courts 28x15m 1 court 2nd floor Fitness measurement room 58 1 room
Volleyball courts 18x9m 1 court Fitness Center 99 1 room
Badminton courts 13.4x6m 6 areas Arena (dance) 91 1 room
Table tennis courts 139 12 tables Lounge 87 6 areas
Racquetball courts 143 4 courts Broadcasting room 15 1 room
changing room(male/female) 79 2 rooms 3층 Jogging course 52 258m
Golf driving range 36 3 courts Air conditioning (electricity) room 52 2 room
Stage 30 1 set 1st floor 784 seats
Shower room 30 4 rooms 2nd floor 1, 740 seats
Meeting room 21 1 room 3rd floor 1, 330 seats
VIP room 21 1 room
Office 4 1 room

Facilities inside the gym include: Basketball/volleyball courts, badminton courts, table tennis courts, a jogging course, racquetball courts, a fitness room, an arena, golf driving ranges and 3, 854-seats for audiences. Operating hours are from 06:00 to 24:00, anyone can use these facilities at all times.
When entering the facilities, you should have a membership card and a photo identification card. (Smart card device) Also, 2 staff members work in shifts for the convenience of members and all members should cooperate with the staff’s guides and instructions.

  • Basketball/Volleyball Court

    Basketball/Volleyball Court

    The main stadium in the gym is usually used as the basketball court, but if necessary, volleyball nets can be installed for volleyball games. The basketball court is available from 06:00 to 24:00 and a basketball is ready at the entrance of the administrative office. You can use it with the staff’s permission. Because there are many cases of getting injured by doing an excessive amount of exercise, please be careful when doing so.

    Campus Map

  • Table Tennis Courts

    Table Tennis Courts

    The table tennis court is located in the northern part of the gym. There are twenty table tennis tables with rackets and balls available.

    Campus Map

  • Jogging Course

    Jogging Course

    The jogging course is as long as 258m around the main stadium on the 3rd floor and the ground is covered with urethane befitting for jogging. On odd-number days, it operates counter-clockwise and clockwise on even-number days. Jogging is available anytime during the hours of operation.

    Campus Map

  • Racquetball Courts

    Racquetball Courts

    There are 4 racquetball courts located on the basement of the affiliated building. Three racquetball courts and a squash court are available at all times. In order to avoid the congestion by a large number of members at one time, a reservation system is in place (application for POVIS sports facilities). Racquetball games, despite being an indoor sport, require a large amount of exercise and cause a lot of safety accidents. Therefore, please be careful and make sure to wear protective glasses and comply with the given rules.

    Campus Map

  • Arena


    Sized of 91 , the arena is located on the 2nd floor of the affiliated building. Arena floors are made of maple tree and both walls are treated with mirrors. Besides the regular classes for students, it is largely used as a practice space for student clubs such as the 18 martial arts, Haidong Gumdo, judo and sports dance, etc.

    Campus Map

  • Badminton Courts

    Badminton Courts

    Badminton courts are made up of 6 courts, on the right and left side of the main stadium court. Badminton racket and shuttlecock must be prepared by the members. In order to secure a fair operation, it is not allowed to use the courts continuously for over 2 hours, except for the case that there are no reservation for the next session on the booking board.

    Campus Map

  • Fitness Measurement Room

    Fitness Measurement Room

    Located on the second floor of the affiliated building, it helps faculty, students and the general members to measure their own health condition and get exercise advice so that members can manage their personal fitness and health in a better way. Fitness measurements are conducted under the supervision of a professor of the physical education. Any members can apply, but a reservation is required. Beginners in exercise, unhealthy persons, or the elderly are recommended to get prescribed before engaging in exercising in earnest.

    * Measurement Items
    – Physique (height, weight)
    – Body composition (body fat rate, body fat, fat (㎏)
    – Cardiopulmonary function test (blood pressure, heart rate of rest condition, maximum lung capacity)
    – Physical strength measurement
    – (Strength, ability to react instantly, quickness, balance, flexibility and cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular endurance)

    Campus Map

  • Golf driving range

    Golf driving range

    Located inside the south side of the main stadium, 3 golf practice targets are installed and the distance to the target is 3 meters. Any members can use, but you should bring your own clubs.

    Campus Map

Sports Field

Located outside at the back of the Student Union building, the main playground consists of: full-sized regular soccer ground (grass courts), urethane athletic track, 2 urethane volleyball courts, 2 urethane basketball courts, a sand Korean wrestling ring, 2 foot volleyball courts and about 2,000-seat stand.

  • Sports Field
  • Sports Field

It is mainly used for physical education classes and activities of student clubs. From March 2008, grass was planted at the soccer field and lighting was installed for games at night, which enhanced the functions of the athletic facilities to be available until 10 p.m. The artificial grass turf football field should be reserved 15 days prior to the game through POVIS system and is not available for the non-members. The maximum hours of use is 2 hours per day and double reservations are not allowed.

Notes for using the sports field

  • Smoking and the use of flammable substances are prohibited.
  • Bringing vehicles (including inline and roller skates and a bicycle) and pets are not allowed.
  • Bringing foods like a chewing gum (excluding a water bottle) and all kinds of cooking activities are not allowed.
  • Bringing sharp tools like knives, scissors, etc. and throwing rubbish filth are prohibited.
  • Wearing sneakers suitable for artificial grass is required; and the iron-studded shoes are prohibited.
  • Non-athletic events are prohibited (further discussions required).
  • Conducting other activities and brining tools harmful to artificial turf are prohibited.
  • If you are not using a facility after making a reservation, you should request a reservation cancellation. If not, then the penalty will be imposed (excluding cancellation cases due to rain or unexpected weather conditions)
  • For any inquiries, please contact at 279-3881 (gym management personnel)


  • Cancellation prior to 3 days of reservation: a notice of warning will be issued, cancellation prior to 2 days of reservation: 20,000 KRW, Cancellation prior to 1 day of reservation: 40,000 KRW and cancellation on the day of reservation: 60,000 won (as of October 1, 2014).



POSPLEX was opened on August 15, 2011. It is a comprehensive sports center with a size of 2,600 .
Facilities inside POSPLEX include: a bade pool and sweating pool with 25 meter-long 6 lanes and 18 meter-long 2 lanes, a swimming pool with a toddler pool, a screen golf course with 12 hitting bays (auto tee-up system), 3 swing analyzers (posture correction system), a GX-Room for aerobics, yoga, diet dance and a fitness room and a running track.
In addition, there are auxiliary facilities including a convenience store, a coffee shop, a SK telecommunication agency, a hair salon and a snack bar.
For more details, please refer to the POSPLEX website.

Tennis Courts

  • Tennis Courts

    Tennis Courts

    Located on the eastern side of the dorm, the outdoor tennis courts are equipped with artificial turf and night lighting facilities, which enables to play tennis regardless of weather conditions. There are a total of 5 courts, but tennis rackets or balls should be prepared by the members. A reservation must be made in advance to use the courts; priority goes to on-campus classes and then to members of the university for any vacancies. Members using the court during the night or using the outdoor court will be charged with fees.

    Campus Map

  • Futsal Courts

    Futsal Courts

    In order to make better use of the existing sports facilities and to promote the health of university members, 2 of the outdoor tennis courts were changed to futsal courts with night lighting facilities and opened on July 19, 2011. Since this facility is being used frequently, members must make a reservation 15 days prior to the game through the POVIS reservation system. It is opened until midnight and the hours of use per day are limited to 2 hours. Members using the court during the night or using the outdoor court will be charged with fees.

    Campus Map

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