Alumni Career Paths

Alumni career paths

All POSTECH alumni have made their way into desired fields and are leading our society.

Approximately 63% of bachelor’s graduates advanced to major graduate schools both at home and abroad, including POSTECH. Some have received employment from corporations or research institutes while others have established venture firms, making their own way into every corner of our society to play great roles.

Out of master’s graduates, 46% found employment and 28% were accepted into doctoral programs. Most Ph.D graduates went on to take postdoctoral courses before being hired by universities, corporations and research institutes. In particular, among all POSTECH Ph.D alumni, as many as 380 alumni, which is more than 15% of Ph.D. holders, serve as faculty members at domestic and international universities, proving POSTECH’s high educational competitiveness.

Alumni Status (August 2015)

Alumni Status (August 2015)
All Bachelor Master Ph.D
Number of graduates 6,562 7,234 3,068
The first graduation February 1991 February 1990 August 1991

Alumni Career Paths (At the time of graduation; from the university’s establishment to August 2015)

학사,석사,박사에 대한 졸업생진로 (졸업당시 기준, 개교~2015. 8월) 내용입니다.
Bachelor Master Ph.D
Entrance to school 63% 28% Post-doc 34%, University 3%
Employment 20% 46% Industrial, Research Institutes 51%
Others 17% 26% others 12%

* Other cases involve military service, unknown, or undecided at the time of graduation.

Alumni Career Paths for the Latest 5 Years (At the time of graduation, from 2010 to 2015)

Alumni Career Paths for the Latest 5 Years (At the time of graduation, from 2010 to 2015)
Bachelor Master Ph.D
Entrance to school 69% 20% Post-doc 32%
Employment 18% 52% Industrial, Research Institutes 49%
Others 13% 28% others 19%

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